Writing Tips: 5 Habits of Highly Successful Writers

Still struggling to get to the writing level you want? Tired of spinning your wheels? Are you motivated and ready to use the same 5 writing tips that experts in the field have used to be successful? Then this article is for you. If you stick to these 5 highly effective habits for the next year, you’re guaranteed to be closer to your writing goals than you are now.


  • Want to straighten out a great book? Then definitely pay attention to Writing tip habit #1
  • Do you want to write better? Then definitely pay attention to Writing tip habit #2
  • Want to use the magic of your own writing assistant? Then take a look at Writing tip habit #3
  • Want to jump into the ring of publishers and make your work stand out? Then habits #4 and #5 will push you in that direction.


So let’s get started:

Write a book with this writing tip: Habit #1

Write every day. That’s 7 days a week. If your goal is to write a book, you can achieve it by putting your words, your thoughts, on paper every day. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole collection of material that you can use to put together your first book. If you’re writing articles for an article marketing campaign, you’ll have a great collection of materials to use and reuse to promote your business.

How to write better with this writing tip: Habit #2

Great writers are also voracious readers. Take at least 1 hour every day to read something, but read with a purpose. It’s a good idea to have a notebook handy so you can jot down notes, phrases, words, and sentence structures that you like from the material you’re reading. This way you will find your own voice, your own rhythm and your own style.

Empower your subconscious assistant with this writing tip: Habit #3

Have a writing routine. By writing at the same time and place every day, it sends a signal to your subconscious that it is time to work and write great content when you go to that place. This sounds incredible, I know. But the mind is very powerful and developing such good writing habits will help you concentrate better.

Take a chance – stop pretending – by using this writing tip: Habit #4

Don’t “play” to be a writer. You are lucky to be writing at this timeIn the past, the only real option for a writer was to be published in print through a magazine, newspaper, movie script, or book. Nowadays you can publish your material online with a few mouse clicks via the internet. You can publish on your own blog, submit articles to article directories, self-publish in print or electronic form, and approach the traditional publishing methods that are still used today. Your options are almost endless. In the beginning, no soul may find or read your material; however, as you progress, you will not only get better at writing things that people want to read, but also at driving traffic to your content. This knowledge comes through content marketing and article marketing strategies.

Don’t fall prey to the writer’s ADD with this writing tip: Habit #5

Finish each piece of writing you start. This is harder than it sounds. Writers usually have a brain full of ideas that they want to explore. As a result, there are many half-sized pieces of writing that will never see the light of day. Fix this by finishing everything and then sending it there. Sometimes you can hire a ghostwriter to polish your idea, complete it and get it ready for publication. Other times you just have to discipline yourself to finish it. Let the universe know you’ve arrived!

But what about all those other great ideas? Go ahead and capture the thought and inspiration. Take notes or jot down your thoughts for those extra projects. Put them on your own version of an editorial calendar so you have a set date to start that writing project. When the date comes, start writing, finish the piece, and then publish it.

With these 5 writing tips for  writing a book  or other content, you’ll develop the kinds of habits successful business people use. Don’t kid yourself, writing is a craft. And if you want your business to support you so you can enjoy this great gift more often, you need to build habits that will bring you closer to success.