Freelance writing for fun will make you more money

Do you want to earn more money with your writingYou can – just start to have fun with your writing.

My “fun” projects always make me more money in the end than projects that I start with consultation and thinking ahead. I have also noticed this phenomenon in many of my writing colleagues.

Try different forms of writing — Get out of your rut

Writing is a discovery process. You often don’t know what you think about a subject until you start writing about it. What you write will often surprise you.

Also try different forms of writing. You can only discover what you are capable of as a writer by writing yourself. So if you write articles, write a book. Or write a video script.

The more fun you can make writing, the more you will write and the more possibilities you will discover through writing.

Try writing a book — you can blog it

Many writers want to write a book, but find that writing a book means a long time without income.

If you think writing a book would be fun, it’s a big clue that you need to write a book. So try blogging your book. You never know: you might get a publisher before you finish your book.

A blog is also easy to monetize so you can earn an income while you write.

What subject would you most like to write about? Just start writing. Having fun writing about a topic means having something to say. As mentioned, writing is a process of discovery: you know what you want to say when you have said it.

Who do you need? Step out your front door

Your writing will only give you new opportunities if you put yourself in the place where those opportunities can arise. For example, I often recommend blogging to writers. Blogging offers opportunities; it is immediate publication. More people will have the chance to read your writing and recognize your name.

A friend has built a successful career as a family histories ghostwriter because she makes a habit of talking about her writing wherever she is. Another writing colleague was hired to write a video script by someone he met at a dinner party; the video script led to a book, and the book led to a multi-book series.

All writing is a journey, and the journey takes you to places you can’t even imagine. So have fun writing. You never know where it will lead you — and it will make you more money.