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“Hello guys! I just want to know if Ammon Shea already has new works that are out in the market. Been waiting for a while already but until now, I cannot still find any information about his latest and future projects.”


“I am looking for the same information so if there is someone here who knows the answer, kindly share it to us. We really like to be updated.”


“There is no project yet that I heard of. I feel the same way about the two of you after I have read his books. So excited for the next one. What is your favorite book so far? I love Insulting English the best. It has the best impact for me because it was really very informative and fun to read.”


“I beg to disagree because, for me, his Depraved English is still the best. I reread it for over 10 times already and even my family loved it. I wish he would do more books like it. I specifically like his writing style because it is not preachy like those other authors. Instead, you would be encouraged to turn one page after another. Before I knew it, I’m already done reading it. It is as if you won’t want to put down the book. It was that good and definitely worth your money.”