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The 5 Easiest Football Bets to Win

Football betting can be challenging, and it requires a great deal of effort to make a profit. The margins for success are often so small that even the best bets rarely win handsomely. If you want to increase your chances and get ahead of the pack consistently, however, one way is to bet on the easiest football bets. Betting online is convenient, and you can do it from anywhere. All it takes is a computer and an internet connection and of course a betting platform such as MerkurXtip. The 5 Easiest Football Bets to Win; 1) Draw No Bet Draw No Bet is a great way to play on both sides of the game and at any point in the game. The key is to avoid taking action until it’s too late. For instance, you can bet that team A will score before team B does, but not take action until shortly before kickoff. The wager will pay off if the game ends in a 0-0 draw, which most often happens when there’s extra time because teams don’t want to risk ties with a final score of 0-0. This is a safe bet and the odds are in your favour. 2) Double Chance There are many ways to win big with a double chance bet. The most common is simply to bet on the same outcome more than once, but there are other interesting double chance bets that you can make. For instance, you can bet on which team will score first in an overtime period, or that a certain number of penalties will be called in the game. If you’re looking for an easy way to win big at football betting, double chance bets are a good place to start. 3) No Goal The no-goal bet is a great bet for those who know the game, which is probably just about everyone. The rules are that you can bet on either team scoring without a goal or a win and you’ll win if your team does everything right but do not score. To win, you must go unbeaten through all of the final three periods/timeouts without conceding a goal, as well as going into overtime with no scored goals. 4) Both Teams to Score It’s easier to win with a bet like Both Teams to Score, but it’s harder to win big. To make a profit, you must get odds of at least 2.00 or better. The question is how do you get these odds if there are two teams and one must manage to score? The simple answer is that you are betting that the total goals will be over 2.5 in a game where both teams score, which happens so often that you can have excellent odds for your bet. 5) First Goal The first goal bet is the best if you’re looking for a big betting edge and a chance at winning big. The key to this bet is to take action early in the game and be ready for the opening goal that sets it all off. If you don’t have your team covered, however, you might find yourself losing your hard-earned money before halftime. Other option Over/Under The best way to bet on football is to over/under. You are betting on how many goals there will be in a game. The amount of points that a match goes over or under is irrelevant, although some books do not offer this bet. For example, if you were to open a betting account on the under, you would want an odd number of games played so that your bet would break even. Correct score This is quite difficult to predict, and it is not recommended that you bet on the correct score. However, if you follow football closely and know the teams, the odds can be high and worth betting on. A correct score gives a gambler an option to win big odds by predicting the final score. Useful Tips: You can make the easiest football bets by doing your research and following the tips below: Sometimes a team is so confident of winning that they take more risks, which in turn increases the number of goals scored. You can bet on this by betting on game total Goals. This means in a game with lower odds, you would have better chances to get a big win.