7 Tips for Writing Blogs for Writers

I started my first blog in 2006 to overcome my fear of being read. I was used to writing web copy anonymously (I’ve been a professional web copywriter for 13 years) and was afraid to put my name on my writing and claim it as my own. It seems ridiculous now, but then the fear was very real. So real that I only wrote one blog post in 2006, and when I finally started blogging again in 2009, that fear was still there.

Today I am not afraid to put my name on my writing and I have become a confident writer. Or as confident as any writer will ever be.

Here’s what I’ve been doing to improve my blog writing skills since I started blogging. My writing may not be brilliant yet, but it’s getting better and I’m enjoying the writing process more. You can’t get better than that.

Tips for Writing Blogs for Writers

1. Practice

Successful bloggers and brilliant writers are not born that way. They became good by writing regularly and so should we. If you really want to improve your writing, you have to put in the time. Write for at least an hour a day five days a week. If you want to be a writer, hopefully you enjoy writing anyway, so make writing practice a highlight of your day.

2. Experiment

You won’t know what your readers like best until you try a few different topics and writing stylesSome blog posts will be popular and you can expand on those in other posts or use them to create a more in-depth series on that topic.

3. Have fun

Write about things that please and interest you in a natural tone. I recommend that you practice your writing, but I’m not saying you should publish it all. But do write about those secret things, the things you don’t want to share with the world yet. Do write about the funny things that happened to you today, even if you think no one else will like it. Time your inner critic. Just write and enjoy the process.

4. Forget Strategy

Ever heard of writer’s block? But builders are not blocked and cannot lay a new stone. Teachers have no shortage of things to teach. I can’t think of any other job where people make excuses for not doing their job. If you’re having trouble writing, forget everything else I’ve told you and just write down whatever comes to mind. You may later wonder if you can turn it into a blog post, if anyone would want to read it, or what your colleagues will think if they find out about your quirks and bickering. Just write.

5. Be Fearless

Actors get stage fright and writer’s block is caused by fear. Writing is scary. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with other people is a concern. Especially if you don’t know who is going to read. Risking your neck by teaching other people what you know is scary.

But don’t be afraid to submit. Just write something down every day and see what comes of it. Then create compelling blog posts with hypnotic headlines, edit your blog post, format it, be brave, and publish it to see what other people think. You write great blog content and things that will never get published, but your writing will improve.

6. Share your vote

If you enjoy your freedom of speech, use it. Stop censoring yourself by listening to that little voice in your head telling you that your work and ideas aren’t good enough. They are. Please share your unique voice through your blog, because your story needs to be told. Other people want to hear it.

7. Reject rejectionsI experienced my writing being rejected and learned how to bounce back on a rejection. That is probably one of the biggest skills you need to succeed in writing or in life.

Rejection is a natural part of the process of becoming a successful writer and these days I like to guest post my writing everywhere. If someone turns it down, I’ll send it to someone else who might appreciate it more.

Start writing your blog now

From time to time we all think our writing is bad. Now get over it and start writing.

Write about everything. Write about what you see, hear or touch. Write about how you live, work or play. Write about the people you see around you. Just write.

Annabel Candy is a copywriter with an MA in Design for Interactive Media. She has been running her own web design and internet marketing company since 1998 and specializes in building effective websites and blogs for small businesses.

Annabel is the author of Successful Blogging in 12 Easy Steps. Her writing has been featured in print and on some of the biggest blogs on the web, including Copyblogger and Problogger.