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The Struggles in Writing a Book


Nothing is easy

But including writing a book on the topic, we can say that this is a different kind of struggle. You’d need to exhaust your resources without a guarantee that your readers would like that kind of work. You’d be subjected to criticism without taking into consideration the amount of time you invested on that literary piece. Plus, you also have to face a variety of problems while writing such us suffering from mental blocks and lack of ideas, among others. With this kind of a career, there is also no guarantee because they are going to boot you out when your audience does not appreciate the kind of work that you provide. Sad but this is the truth in this type of industry. You need to always be on top of your game especially in looking for refreshing ideas that will be embraced by your audience.

His vision

This website is created as a tribute for the author Ammon Shea who wrote the amazing books Reading the OED, Depraved English, and Insulting English. Here, you can understand this author’s works better as we have a round discussion here about it. This is where Ammon Shea’s fans flock together in support of their favorite author. This is also where people gather to know more about it. Unearth yourself from living in your garage doors in Milwaukee and join us in knowing more about this amazing author by following this website.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QVi9KUraFJ0

Ammon Shea projects

To those who are asking, this is not the official of Ammon Shea. This is not even his official fan page. This is just a page created to give his fans a place to interact and to express their admiration to this author freely. Admit it, it is hard sometimes when you try to discuss your favorite whatever to your friends and family members. You don’t really know the right words to express your real feelings about them and it is frustrating when they do not understand.

Here, you won’t be burdened by the same feeling when it comes to Ammon Shea because we definitely understand you. We give importance to everything you say and listen to it. What more is that, since this author is also our favorite, you can expect that we can give our opinions on the topic you are going to open about him. WE ARE DIE HARD FANS! We can assure you that we almost know it all when it comes to his career life and his works so if this is the topic you want to know more of, you came at the right place.

Latest Updates on his work

At this website, you even get the chance to know where you can get the latest updates about his works. What projects he is getting busy with. Moreover, we are going to let you in on official stores that give the biggest discounts when it comes to his works and many other merchandises. You can definitely satisfy your fangirling here at this website.

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